Where does crabgrass originally come from?

Answer Crabgrass originally came from Europe. According to the University of California website, it is now a common weed that grows across the United States. The plant spreads by seed and is found grow... Read More »

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Where does the material for making pop bottles originally come from?

The original material for making pop bottles was glass used in a process coming from Syria around 100 B.C. The process heats glass into a red, hot liquid that is air-blown by using a straw-like tub... Read More »

Where does bbc correspondant lorna Gordon come from originally?

Where did the word art originally come from?

The word "art" originally comes from the latin word "ars," which essentially means "arrangement" or "to arrange." The language of Latin originated near the river Tiber, where Roman civilization fir... Read More »

Where did walnuts come from originally?

Walnuts originate from walnut trees (such as the Black Walnut), in the Juglans family. Walnut trees have pinnate leaves and hard shell-encased fruit, which when cracked open yield walnuts.