Where does the money come from to pay the awards on Judge Judy show?

Answer he show's creation stemmed from's reputation as one of the most outspoken family court judges in the country, becoming the topic of a http://wiki.answe... Read More »

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Lets say - Judge Judy awards the plaintiff x amount of dollars for winning their case. I would like to know how does that plaintiff get paid. Does the plaintiff have to deposit the money into Court?

NO your Money will be deposited into a escrow account by your attorney. An escrow account is an account that your attorney name and your name is on that account. To make any withdrawal from tha acc... Read More »

TV's Judge Judy was originally Family Court Judge Judy Sheindlin in what city?

How much money does judge Judy make?

Well, not only is she a Supreme Court Judge, which is a career that makes about $212,000 depending on area of work, but she also works as a Television personality and the host of the daytime court ... Read More »

Does Oprah have more money than judge judy?

Yes, in fact - she is the wealthiest woman in the world!