Where does the last name Lucas originate?

Answer The last name Lucas comes from England. It has its roots in the English baptismal name Luke. It emerged from the religious naming tradition, wherein last names were derived from religious figures.S... Read More »

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Where does the last name Lucas come from?

The last name "Lucas" means, "man from Lucania." Located in Southern Italy, the 3858 square mile area of Lucania may have had an ancient name which meant "shining." Lucas also may have originated ... Read More »

Where does the name Bisazza originate?

The Bisazza family name originates in Italy. Known as one of the busiest shopping districts in Malta, an island in southern Italy, Bisazza Street offers visitors a variety of stores that specialize... Read More »

Where does the name Victoria's Secret originate?

Victoria Secret sells glamorous lingerie, clothing for women and accessories in retail stores, its Website and through mail order catalogs. The company took its name from the prudish Queen Victoria... Read More »

Where does the family name Garza originate from?

The last name Garza originated in Spain, according to the House of Names. Garza means "heron" in Spanish, according to Ancestor Search. Variations of the surname include de Garza, de la Garza, Garz... Read More »