Where to live in California as a Midwestern Girl?

Answer Hello, Miss Midwest:) I believe that Lincoln Ca would be a perfect place for you to relocate to.Its hot as lancaster maybe even hotter. an it alo has droughts to floods as well..I lived there for 1... Read More »

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How to Be the Hottest Girl at School?

Are you tired of the so called hottest girl at school getting all the attention? Well, this article is for you. You'll get the attention for once.

Can a 16 almost 17 year old girl choose where she wants to live in the state of Arkansas?

Answer Canadian child support laws are similar to those in the US as they require a biological parent to support his or her minor child until that child reaches the age of majority, or the age des... Read More »

Can a 16 almost 17 year old girl choose to live where they want in the state of Florida?

I am not quite sure, but probably not. The reason for this is that you are legally under the control of your guardian until you are 18.

Is it normal to think Kurt Cobain was the hottest person to ever live?

So do I. I can't find anyone else quite as good looking as he was.