Where does the flat iron cut of meat come from?

Answer The flat iron cut of meat is a beef cut, also known as top blade. It comes from the shoulder area of a cow, referred to as the "chuck." Top blade steak is not as tender as more expensive cuts, but ... Read More »

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Where does lump crab meat come from?

According to Heron Point Seafood, lump crab meat comes from both the claw of the crab and the muscle that propels the swimmer legs. If the crab is extra large, then the meat is called colossal or j... Read More »

Where do meat hamburgers come from on a cow?

Hamburger meat--also referred to as ground beef or beef mince--is made from trimmings from many different parts of a cow. According to Meals for You, it comes primarily from lean cuts, including ch... Read More »

Where do iron meteorites come from?

Over four billion years ago, the inner planets and some asteroids between Mars and Jupiter had molten cores. After years of cooling, these masses eventually became formations of rock and iron. Iron... Read More »

Where did the samsung flat screen TV come from?