Where does the stratosphere start?

Answer The stratosphere begins at the tropopause, which forms the boundary between the troposphere, or the lower atmosphere, and the stratosphere. The height of the tropopause varies from only four miles ... Read More »

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Where does the rhine start?

The Rhine is the longest river in Germany. It originates in the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier in the Swiss Alps and flows 820 miles northward to the North Sea, passing Strasbourg, France and Mannheim, Colo... Read More »

Where does the River Rhine start?

The Rhine River begins in the Swiss Alps at the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier. The river is 820 miles long. The glacier is in Uri canton, close to the town of Andermatt. The river's name derives from the C... Read More »

Where off the us coast does federal waters start?

your question is dubious, to say the least. there is no "off" The United Staes of America claims sovereignty up to three miles from the coastline, which is lands end,go to wikianswers, then go fish... Read More »

Where does the Great Wall of China start& end?

Built by the Chinese beginning in 214 B.C. to keep enemies from the north out, the Great Wall of China stretches about 4,500 miles, starting from the east coast of the Bohai Sea at Shanhai Pass and... Read More »