Where does the SIM card go in a BlackBerry Curve?

Answer The subscriber identity module (SIM) card goes into the battery compartment of the BlackBerry Curve. Inside the battery compartment of the BlackBerry Curve, under the battery, is a SIM card holder ... Read More »

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Where does a SIM card go in a Blackberry Curve 8310?

The SIM card goes into its designated slot in the back of the Blackberry Curve, under the back cover. Its location is near the center, approximately ¾ of an inch from the top of the phone.Referenc... Read More »

What is the largest size SD card i can put in the Blackberry Curve?

All BlackBerry Curve smart phones are able to expand their memory from the stock 64MB internal memory by using a microSD card up to 4GB. This means you can install a microSD card into the phone tha... Read More »

Does a PNY memory card work on a BlackBerry Curve?

A PNY memory card will work in a BlackBerry Curve; just make sure the card is the MicroSD type. Any of the 8300 series phones take this kind of card. If the card does not initially work, it's possi... Read More »

How to Format a Mini SD Card for My Blackberry Curve?

The BlackBerry Curve is a versatile smartphone that supports the use of a mini SD card for additional storage. Mini SD cards, also known as media cards, store your pictures, videos, music and other... Read More »