Where does root beer get its flavor?

Answer From the sassafras root

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Does anyone remember the "A & W Root Beer Drive Inn Restraunt and How about their famour Root Beer?

There is one still in Edwardsville, ILL...along the historic rt 66. There are modern ones in STL.

Where can I buy root beer in the UK?

Where Can I Buy Root Beer in the UK?AnswerIn the UK, you can buy root beer at any of the Sainsbury's Store across the UK. Alternatively, you can visit their official website or the American Soda of... Read More »

Where can I buy root beer from in England?

Try health/whole food shops. I too love root beer, but it is hard to find here. Asda sell it - other supermarkets may as well, but it may depend on the store (Tesco have stocked root beer in the pa... Read More »

Does Barq's root beer have caffeine?

I believe Barq's does unless it says caffeine free on the can/bottle. I prefer the taste of I.B.C. root beers myself, something about a soda in a glass bottle just tastes better. Generally, with ... Read More »