Where does a hydro energy source come from?

Answer Hydro energy originates from a hydroelectric dam, which captures the energy from moving water. The current from a river flows through a pipe in the dam, turning the blades of a turbine to spin a ge... Read More »

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Where does tidal wave energy come from?

Tidal waves are most often caused by underwater geological events, such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Less commonly, tidal waves can be caused by meteor impacts. Unlike other waves, tidal... Read More »

Where does a tide's energy source come from?

A tide's energy source comes from the moon. The moon has a strong inluence on the side of the earth facing it and weak on the other side. Because of this, the ocean has a bulge to it, which is the ... Read More »

Where does nearly all of the earth's energy in the atmosphere come from?

Nearly all the energy in the earth's atmosphere comes from the sun. Some is immediately absorbed by particles in the atmosphere, while most is absorbed by the earth's surface. Solar energy from the... Read More »

Where did the energy come from to create coal?

The energy source responsible for coal is the sun. Coal is highly compressed, naturally dehydrated peat, or dead plant matter. Its active component is carbon, which is the component in living veget... Read More »