Where does mold grow best?

Answer Mold grows best in a warm and moist environment and can develop in many places indoors and out. Mold has a purpose outdoors--helping break down organic matter, such as fallen leaves. Indoors, mold ... Read More »

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How does mold grow on cheese?

Mold is a fungus that can grow on many surfaces, including foods. There are more than 100,000 types of molds--some are considered harmless and beneficial to cultivate certain cheeses, such as bleu ... Read More »

Why Does My Window Grow Mold?

Windows, like many household surfaces, can develop mold and mildew. Like all mold, you should take window mold seriously and make an effort to eliminate it right away, as it can spread to other par... Read More »

How fast does house mold grow?

Mold can grow anywhere on a house. Interior mold can take only a couple of days to start and can be harmful to humans. Exterior mold takes a couple of months to grow and grows primarily on the nort... Read More »

How Fast Does Mold Grow on Food?

Mold is a living organism that requires certain conditions to grow on foods. The better those conditions, the faster the mold spores will germinate and grow. Does this Spark an idea?