Where does material from my computer trash bin go?

Answer According to Free Backup Info, contents moved to the trash bin (also known as the recycle bin) doesn't go anywhere. Instead, information (the path and file name) about how to get to the file is mov... Read More »

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What material are trash bags made of?

Trash bags are made out of high-density resins or linear low-density resins. Trash bags made from the high-density resin are thinner and cheaper than the linear low-density bags, but the linear low... Read More »

Where is the trash bin on the computer?

Check your "Start Menu" by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner of the taskbar. If it's not there, go to "My Computer" to find "Recycle Bin" or go to the dropdown menu in "My Documents" an... Read More »

Is there an item or anything that can be put in a trash can to prevent raccoons from tearing up my trash.?

None that I know of...I was successful at keeping the coons out of my trash can by tying a bungie cord to one handle and hooking over the lid and through the other handle. A really smart one might ... Read More »

Who invented the trash compactor for small trash cans?

Several inventors patented trash compactors that resemble modern compactors, so it is difficult to trace a single inventor. M.S. Wells first patented an invention that crushed oil cans in 1941. The... Read More »