Does it hurt having a tattoo?

Answer It depends on the location of the tattoo, the size and time required and the overall skill of the artist. Some artists have a heavy hand and tattooing tends to hurt a bit more in general. Some plac... Read More »

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Would getting a tattoo hurt?

Of course it hurts. It's needle cutting into your body.......

I want a tattoo, how bad is this going to hurt?

It's just a sharp pain but you don't really feel it because it goes numb get a needle/nail and drag it down your skin on the place of your body you want it as hard as you can but not hard enough to... Read More »

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

It all depends on, how well you take pain, where it is located on your body and how heavylight handed the tattoo artist is. but it feels more like someone is scratching/burning you but the pain is ... Read More »

How much does a tattoo hurt?

that will be very painful there on your ribs. if you've never had a tattoo then you can't say you're good with tattoo needles. it's not the same at all as getting a shot or blood drawn.IF you are n... Read More »