Where does green bean come from?

Answer Answer the green bean come from in the hot regions of the americas, India and China

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Where does green clay come from?

Green clay mining has unearthed clay deposits all over the world, including locations in the United States, France, Italy and Mexico. Green clay comes from volcanic sedimentary rock or coastal area... Read More »

Where do bean sprouts come from?

Beans sprouts are grown from the mung bean, which originated in Asia thousands of years ago. The process of growing bean sprouts is simple and can be accomplished in any kitchen, through the germin... Read More »

What part of the plant does the bean come from?

The bean grows from the center of the flower that the plant produces.

Where did going green come from?

Although green living and environmental conservation have been around since the 19th century, "going green" became popular in 1962, when author Rachel Carson wrote a book titled "Silent Spring," wh... Read More »