Where does game show money come from?

Answer from the banks that support the game show

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Where does the money come from to pay the awards on Judge Judy show?

he show's creation stemmed from's reputation as one of the most outspoken family court judges in the country, becoming the topic of a http://wiki.answe... Read More »

How are game shows able to give away so much money and all those prizes. where does it all come from. with so many poor people on earth why are only people who have money able to win more money?

For prizes, sponsors pay the game show to plug the prizes on air, as a form of advertisement. In terms of a budget, prizes are essentially free, which is why they were used so often up through the ... Read More »

Where does the money come from for the app?

u put in your credit card number when your making your iTunes account so then when u buy one it automatically charges you

What was the name of the show where one of the characters turns into a tree. they also used tokens instead of money and at the end of the game they had to cross a grid. I think its a 70's game show?