Where does everyone download ...... ?

Answer I pay.

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Where can you download breakout tv show I want to download season 1 episodes 1-8 but not through torrents does anyone have any links?

Where does everyone meet for the State of the Union Address?

Not really. If the president has already served two terms the he or she cannot run again. If he or she believed they stood a good chance of winning then they are likely to run again. If, however, ... Read More »

Does everyone have an awkward stage where they aren't pretty?

well my face pretty much looks the same. my awkward stage was from like 12-16 when my body looked like a scrawney 12 year old boy, and i wore really awkward clothing that was not flattering, and di... Read More »

What does everyone call a soft drink where your located?

A lot of people here in North Carolina will say, "I want a coke." The waitress will say, "What kinda coke you want?" They'll say something like, "Dr. Pepper." I think it's so funny! I am origin... Read More »