How do you glue cork to cork?

Answer You could use a hot glue gun or water based contact cement

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Hit in the eye with a cork?

In the field, you close the patient's eye and tape an eyepatch over it, which will hopefully -- and gently immobilize the eye in order to prevent further damage.If any of the following are detected... Read More »

How to Use MAC Cork Eyeshadow?

MAC Cork eyeshadow is a soft warm beige with yellow undertones. It complements almost any skin tone, and gives a gentle definition when applied to the crease of the eye. You can use a lighter shade... Read More »

What can I put on my cork board?

The most common use for a cork board involves hanging notes and paperwork with push pins. You can also use photos, drawings and decorative items to hang on the board depending on your personal tast... Read More »

What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring is created by stripping away the outer layers of bark from a live cork oak tree. The cork is then formed into tiles which can be installed in a similar manner to ceramic tile. Cork fl... Read More »