Information on a True 427 Cobra?

Answer British car company Auto Carriers (AC), Ford and sports car racer and designer Carroll Shelby, designed and produced the 427 Cobra. The 427 Cobra was in production from 1965 until 1968. With increa... Read More »

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What's the point if Wikipedia if you can't even tell which information is true or not?

that's like saying whats the point of humans being on earth.Most of the information on Wikipedia is true, I usually use it to find things that Britannica and other encyclopedias could NEVER find.Wi... Read More »

Is Wikipedia providing true information or not?

Unfortunately anyone at all can edit the content, and some teens seem to think it is a huge joke to add offensive or inappropriate content

Is it true that you can change Wikipedia's information?

yeah u can change but not always like some articles are protected and has a lock at the top of it these articles cant be changed.

Is it true that US Homeland Security has information on Canadians?

Yes, and probably in more ways than one. Certainly US Homeland Security has information on Canadian criminal records. These are provided by the RCMP, and they use it for checking people at border c... Read More »