Where does Milk of Magnesia come from?

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Where does Stonyfield Farm milk come from?

Stonyfield Farm obtains its milk through various companies within the Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP) cooperative. Organic suppliers include Spring Brook Farm of Westfield, Vermont; Nezi... Read More »

Where does chocolate milk come from brown cows?

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Where did the name"Milk Duds"come from?

F. Hoffman and Company created chocolate-covered caramel candies known as Milk Duds in 1926. "Milk" refers to one of the product's main ingredients. The company originally tried to make the candies... Read More »

How to Switch From Breast Milk to Whole Milk?

The transition from breast to whole milk can be jarring for your little one. Not only does it disrupt your baby's normal routine of suckling at your breast, but also the taste and nutritional conte... Read More »