Do disability payments vary depending on what state you live in for example I currently live in AL if i move to New Hampshire does my disability check increase because of the cost of living there?

Answer I'm not sure, but I called social security a few days ago to tell them I would be moving to Washington state and they said to visit the social security office because there was a possibility I coul... Read More »

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I currently live in the northeast part of the U.S im looking to move to the west coast to trim and clip buds.?

Are you talking about weed? Because I live in California and the Fed's are like seriously cracking down medical card or not. That being said everyone is laying super low so if you don't know anyone... Read More »

My daughter who is adopted by my mom and step dad live in AZ where I live my daughter wants to live with us what age can she choose to live with us?

If she is legally adopted, her 'parents' have custody of her, and as minor, she may not live with you, if she doesn't have constent of her legal caregivers. If she lives with you before she's at le... Read More »

Where does v live?

Cleveland, the place in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

Where does swiper fox live?

Blueberry Hill ;¬) or, in the Spanish version. La colina de los arándanos