Where does bianbai wood originate from?

Answer Bianbai wood comes from the tree Platycladus Orientalis (generic Chinese arborvitae), a large evergreen shrub or small to medium-sized tree. The common name for this tree is Book-Leaf Pine. This tr... Read More »

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Where does zebra wood originate?

Zebrawood comes from tropical regions of the Americas, Africa and Asia. The tree, called Connarus guianensis, produces a distinctive hardwood that is striped and very durable. It is popular for dec... Read More »

Where did wood carving originate?

Scholar Paul N. Hasluck notes in his "Manual Tradition of Wood Carving" that it is unknown when humans first began to carve wood. He goes on to point out that "Sheikh-el-Beled" is considered the fi... Read More »

What is the best product for exterior wood patching - particularly wood siding prior to painting?

Auto Bondo. They also started making a bondo for wood but I've always had really good luck with the auto bondo, it dries in a few minutes and is easy to sand.. If the wood has started to rot though... Read More »

What is used on porous wood/open grain wood to help even out stain colors?

Stain colors on open grain wood can be evened out with the use of two products. The Hardwood Council recommends that you mix fillers with the stain to fill in the pores. You can also use glazes aft... Read More »