Where does balsa wood come from?

Answer Popular among woodworkers and model makers, balsa wood, Ochroma pyramidale, is native to the tropical climates of South America and is found throughout the continent. Balsa wood, also referred to a... Read More »

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Where does balsa wood grow?

According to, balsa wood trees grow mainly in Central and South America. Balsa wood trees grow best in rain forest regions. Ecuador is the world's largest exporter of balsa wood.Source... Read More »

Where does camphor wood come from?

Camphor wood comes from the aromatic wood of Cinnamomum camphora, the camphor tree. It is an evergreen that grows naturally in eastern Asia. However, it is cultivated as an ornamental plant in the ... Read More »

Where does mahogany wood come from?

Mahogany is native to the everglade region of Florida, the Caribbean, South America, India, Indonesia and other tropical and subtropical forests across the world. Mahogany is often used in making f... Read More »

Where does exotic wood come from?

On One Hand: It's Grown in the United StatesAlthough there is no standard definition for the term exotic wood, exotic wood is any wood that is considered rare or not indigenous to your area. That i... Read More »