Where does argon come from?

Answer On One Hand: Existence in NatureIf you are searching for argon as it occurs in nature, you won't have to look very far. Argon, which is one of the six noble gases, is all around you in the air. It ... Read More »

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Does argon come from an ore?

Argon is a gas at room temperature. The atmosphere consists of 0.93 percent argon. It does not combine with other molecules, so it is called an inert or noble gas. Argon does not come from an ore.R... Read More »

About Argon Oil?

Argon oil--also known as "argan" oil--is extracted from the kernels of the fruit from an argon tree. The argon tree grows wild and is listed as an endangered species under the protection of UNESCO.... Read More »

How many protons are in argon?

Argon contains 18 protons. The number of protons is called the "atomic number", a quantity which is used to categorize all elements. Argon is a noble gas that is naturally present in the Earth's at... Read More »

Who discovered argon gas?

In 1785, scientist Henry Cavendish proposed that there was an unknown gas that mixed with nitrogen and oxygen in air. This unknown gas was suspected to be argon. Subsequently, argon was first exper... Read More »