Where does an oak tree live?

Answer Oak trees can live 200 or more years. They live in big cities, rural towns and forests all across the United States. Oak trees reach heights of 65 to 85 feet, have a wide spreading crown and flare ... Read More »

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Where does the brown tree snake live?

The brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis) can be found in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Northern Mariana Islands and parts of Australia. It can also be found in Guam, where it is considered an in... Read More »

What tree does the tree squirrel live in?

A tree that offers ready, safe access to food and that includes safe, comfortable living conditions for setting up a home is what tree squirrels [Sciuridae family] look for. In terms of food, tree... Read More »

A tree fell on your car in the condo where you live can you sue for damages?

Nobody can be held legally liable for an act of nature. Your auto Insurance comprehensive coverage will cover damages to your car. It does not matter who owned the tree or where it came from. If y... Read More »

How long does the average tree live?

depends on the type of tree, pine trees can be between 60 to 80 years where as an oak or yew can be a thousand years and upwards just noticed you said birch tree i guess a couple of hundred years