Where does a power switch connect to on a motherboard?

Answer Looking at the manual, download from the link, on page 1-25 there are a series of jumper switches in the bottom right hand corner of the mobo (long side vertical and external connectors to the left... Read More »

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How to Connect the LED Switch to an MSI Motherboard?

WIf you buy a desktop computer at a retail store, the machine features LED lights on the front panel to indicate power and hard drive usage. If you decide to build your own computer instead, the af... Read More »

What type of motherboard uses a soft power switch?

Any motherboard with a 20- or 24-pin ATX or SFX power connector--typical of nearly all modern computers--has a soft power switch. Additionally, all laptop motherboards have soft power switches. A s... Read More »

How Do You Know Positive vs. Negative when Installing the Power Switch to a Motherboard?

The power switch on the front panel of a modern computer is connected to a relay circuit inside the computer, which powers on the system. The way the switch connects to the motherboard is not depen... Read More »

Where does my power switch connect to?

Download and/or read the manual here:…