Where does a kid get a college loan if the parents credit is bad?

Answer Your first step is to complete the FAFSA. The website is When completing the FAFSA you are applying for federal grants and stafford loans. Stafford loans have a better interest ... Read More »

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If you are a college student and on your parents insurance If you withdraw from a class and it puts you at under full time status 12 credit hours for the semester am you still covered on your parents?

Answer Maybe. :) It depends on the insurance policy, actually. It depends also on how old you are, and why the insurance is covering you. Some policies are written to only cover full-time stude... Read More »

How do I obtain a loan for college with bad credit?

Federal student loans have no credit check. Go to and apply!

College loan with no cosigner and excellent credit?

Take out federal loans only. They require no cosigner and no credit check. the interest is less an the fees are less. Private student loans are evil and have stub standard terms, higher fees, an... Read More »

How can you get money for college if you are 19 and your parents wont pay, you have no credit, and no job?

federal student loans like the Unsubsidized Stafford loan require no credit check and no cosigner. She can get them by applying at http://fafsa.ed.govShe will need to enter her mother and stepfath... Read More »