Where does a coca plant grow?

Answer Ghana, in Africa.

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How do I grow a coca plant?

Indoor CultivationPlant seeds or young plants in a medium-sized pot filled with good potting soil. When growing coca plants in a pot, water well, but do not let the roots stand in water. Use a grow... Read More »

Is it legal to grow a coca plant in the USA?

U.S. FEDERAL LEGAL SUMMARYErythroxylon coca REGULATEDYesSTATUSScheduledSCHEDULESchedule IICLASSIFICATIONStimulant Coca leaves and extracts of coca leaves are both Schedule II in the United States. ... Read More »

Is it legal to grow a coca plant in the UK?

It's only an issue in legality if you get caught . It's not noticable like weed is with the strong smell . Then again the strong smell of diesel and parafin maybe a problem when cultivating . Good ... Read More »

Can you grow coca plants in Iraq?

Coca plants thrive in the tropics and takes years to mature so the best bet is even if it did its easier and cheaper to purchase leaves but the if its for cocaine dont waste your time because coca ... Read More »