Where does a cactus grow?

Answer in the dirt.

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Where does a Saguaro cactus grow?

The Saguaro cactus is found in the Sonoran desert in the south west of continental North America. There are no other places that the plant grows naturally. For more information please check out th... Read More »

Where does the San Pedro cactus in Southern California grow?

A native plant of the Andes, San Pedro cactus does not grow naturally in southern California. It grows well in hot, humid areas with a lot of rain, and in any part of Southern California as long a... Read More »

In what kind of soil does a cactus grow best?

Cactus plants tolerate a range of soils. But they have two preferences. They favor free draining soils, since their body parts are adapted to moisture deprived environments. They also favor soils t... Read More »

Where does a cactus get its water from?

A cactus gets its water from its roots. Whatever moisture is available in soil may be taken in by the cactus plant's shallow roots, and sent up to the stem for the photosynthetic interaction with t... Read More »