Where does a cactus get its water from?

Answer A cactus gets its water from its roots. Whatever moisture is available in soil may be taken in by the cactus plant's shallow roots, and sent up to the stem for the photosynthetic interaction with t... Read More »

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Can you drink the water from saguaro cactus plants?

It probably isn't a good idea to drink the water from the saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea]. A cactus plant tends to store its water in bitter or toxic forms. This discourages predators from raid... Read More »

Does a cactus need water?

Not much, it takes most of its moisture from the air. You can water it a small amount in winter, and as much as you want in the summer.

How much water does 1 cactus need?

Big cactus:Big cactus need about 1 quart of water every month.Small cactus:small cactus need to be watered at least every 3-4 days.This info is only for 1 cactus.--- Nelli Vitalevna Glushko! See Anna?

How much water does a small cactus need?

It depends on the soil and where is the cactus like in a house or outside. If it is inside, then here are some tips: If the soil is sandy, you have to water it every 2-4 days. If the soil is kinda ... Read More »