Where does Wikipedia get all it's information from?

Answer people get it from other sources and site it. They do have people whose professions are writing articles for the site and revising other ones.

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Can any one tell me from where i can get information about film scanners other than wikipedia?

B and H photoShutterBug magazine has a web site with lots of info on everything. often has good descriptions and reviews.

How does Wikipedia stop false information from being posted?

We Wikipedians frequently "patrol" pages and give them a once-over - and if we see something that is obviously vandalism or false (e.g. Gerald Ford being alive) we will revert these edits by changi... Read More »

Does anyone know if the information on wikipedia about from first to last is accurate?


Where does wikipedia get its money from i man , who sponsors it?

They only take donations. Wikipedia, and it's sponsoring organization, Wikimedia Foundation, are both non-profit organizations. Read More »