Where does Pucca live?

Answer With her owner, Anastasia . Pooka is Russian for (Female Dog) including the slang meaning. She is a Russian wolfhound- a beautiful animal, she barks four times to communicate with her Mistress, but... Read More »

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How old is pucca?

The character Pucca is no more than 11-12 years old. Garu, Pucca's love interest, is thought to be about a year older. No Puccas about 10 or 11 and garus about 12 or 13 cause in slam bam birthday b... Read More »

What is Pucca?

Pucca is a famous flash animated cartoon character. In america, you can watch her on Jetix. (channel 292 on directv) She constantly chases after the boy she loves, Garu. The show usually ends with ... Read More »

What is Pucca about?

Pooka- note spelling , is Anastasia" dog. She is a puppy Russian wolfhound of Borzoi. For some reason she does not age in the movie- which seems to transgress a multi-year arc. They are even more a... Read More »

Is pucca from Korea?