Where does Pucca live?

Answer With her owner, Anastasia . Pooka is Russian for (Female Dog) including the slang meaning. She is a Russian wolfhound- a beautiful animal, she barks four times to communicate with her Mistress, but... Read More »

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Does Pucca like Garu?

yes pucca like garu and always trys to kiss him.

Why garu does not ever like pucca?

He actually does like her but for alot of reasons that he can't(1) she is annoying she is always in the way and won't let him fight his own battles (2) she comes too strong she just fell in love th... Read More »

What does pucca mean for the Japanese?

Yes he does. He just doesn't wanna tell her. It's quite obvious.

In witch episode does Garu kiss Pucca?