Phil Collins : Genius or baffoon?

Answer He's a bit of both - a guffoon.It's only the substantial amount of overcommercialised pap that he has released in his solo career (which has had some high points) that tends to pull him down a litt... Read More »

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Why Do Classic Rock Radio Stations Play Phil Collins Music?

It all started with the song In The Air Tonight. It was so big that it made it into numerous TV shows and movies. After that, the radio stations just wouldn't let him go until he stopped producin... Read More »

Does Dr Phil have only 2 years to live?

No. A web advertisement saying that she had done so was false. For one thing, the picture the ad posted of her supposedly appearing on Jay Leno in 2009 was actually from a much older 2003 appearanc... Read More »

Where does Dr Phil McGraw live?

Where did Dr Phil's grandparents live?