Would Herman be a good name for my baby I have 56 cats named Herman already, so I think it's a good fit?

Answer Due for what on March 20th? Commitment to a mental institution? It's a serious health threat to bring an infant into a home overrun by 56 cats. Is it safe to assume that you recognize that you a... Read More »

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How to Play Guitar Like Herman Li?

This is going to show how to play guitar like Herman Li and Sam Totman from DragonForce.

What is the name of Herman Hollerith's company?

Herman Hollerith founded the Tabulating Machine Company in 1896. In 1911, the Tabulating Machine Company merged with three other companies to become the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (... Read More »

How to Breed Herman Tortoises?

Hermann's tortoises originally come from Southeast Europe. This species stays relatively small, growing to lengths of only 5 to 10 inches, depending upon the subspecies. They tend to be brightly co... Read More »

What did Herman Hollerith invent that helped the U.S. Census?

Herman Hollerith invented the electric tabulating machine. After working for the Census Office before the 1880 census, he concluded that hand counting was not an efficent way to tabulate results. H... Read More »