Where does Microsoft store temporary Internet Explorer password information?

Answer Internet Explorer offers a password saver called "AutoComplete." This function stores user names and passwords in the computer's registry in an encrypted form so that they are very difficult to ret... Read More »

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How to Increase Temporary Internet Files Disk Space in Explorer 7?

Temporary Internet file disk space or cache space is where Internet Explorer 7 downloads files needed to view the web page through the browser. This allows the user to view the page without interru... Read More »

How do I get rid of Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Simple Uninstall ProcessTo remove Internet Explorer, click the "Start" button. Click on "Control Panel." Find the "Programs" icon and click "Uninstall a program." Click the option titled "Turn Wind... Read More »

What is Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web browser that is included as part of the Windows operating system. Most new computers come with some version of this operating system and Internet Explorer alrea... Read More »

Which is best microsoft internet explorer or firefox why?

Firefox by far! Why? (1) Faster (2) More secure (3) You can modify and extend its (a) looks and (b) functions. (Another reason, if you're a website developer as I am, is that Firefox is far more W3... Read More »