Does Miller&Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma have monuments?

Answer Miller and Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma does not offer monuments or headstones. They do, however, offer a host of different caskets on site as well as other funeral planning preparatio... Read More »

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When did Wentworth Miller live in Chicago?

Wentworth Miller lived in Chicago in 2005 and 2006, while filming the first season of "Prison Break." The television show was primarily filmed at the Joliet Correctional Center near Chicago. Miller... Read More »

Where is the Miller surname from?

The surname Miller is of English and Scottish origin. It's derived from the occupation of miller, one who grinds grain into flour.OriginThe name Miller emerged around 1500. It was at that time that... Read More »

Where did the surname Miller come from?

The English and Scottish surname Miller was an occupational name describing a person who milled corn, or was in charge of a mill. The name dates to the pre-7th century Old English "mylene" and "mil... Read More »

Where did Arthur Miller get his inspiration for"The Crucible"?

The playwright Arthur Miller wrote "The Crucible" inspired by Sen. Joe McCarthy's siege on suspected communists in the 1950s. In "The Crucible," religious leaders and townsfolk in 17th-century Mass... Read More »