Does anyone like Johnny Depp do you think he looks good as pirate?

Answer Puuuuuuuurfect. he has pirate written all over him, look at that jawline for a start..

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Johnny Depp - hot or not?

What does Johnny Depp have that The Nolte doesn't have (besides looks and talent)?

I'll tell you what Depp doesn't have that The Nolte does---an adoring harem of peeps straight from the finest prisons and trailer parks in the nation, that's what!

Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

Can't I have them both. I mean Orlando Bloom appeals to the side of me that likes pretty guys, while Johnny Depp appeals to the bad boy side of me. I mean, it like that commercial says, sometimes y... Read More »

Whats your fav johnny depp movie?

whats eating gilbert grapeandnightmare on elm street