Where does"Jesus wept"come from?

Answer "Jesus wept" is the shortest verse in the Bible. This verse can be found in the gospel of John, which is the fourth gospel in the New Testament, chapter 11 and verse 35.Source:Bible Gateway:John 11... Read More »

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My daughter who is adopted by my mom and step dad live in AZ where I live my daughter wants to live with us what age can she choose to live with us?

If she is legally adopted, her 'parents' have custody of her, and as minor, she may not live with you, if she doesn't have constent of her legal caregivers. If she lives with you before she's at le... Read More »

Where does v live?

Cleveland, the place in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

Where does Don Quijote live?

Don Quixote lives in a country village in the region of La Mancha in Central Spain. He resides with his niece and housemaid. These details can be found on

Where does Big Bird live at?

he lives in a nest in back of 123 Sesame St.