Where does Inca red granite come from?

Answer According to a paper by architectural historian Jean-Pierre Protzen, Incan red granite is from the Kachiqhata quarry in Peru. It is in the Inca fortresses of Sacsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo, located... Read More »

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Where does ubatuba granite come from?

Ubatuba granite is a green charnockite stone that comes primarily from quarries in Brazil. Producers ship it all over the world, primarily for use in kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks.Source:U... Read More »

Where does Inka red granite come from?

Inka red granite comes from Peru. It is also spelled "Inca" after the Indian civilization of the Incans that occupied the area long ago. Inka red is sometimes referred to as pinkish-red granite. Th... Read More »

Where does India red granite come from?

India red granite comes in many forms and is mined in several areas in that country. For example, Imperial red granite is mined at Ilkal, nearly 250 miles from Bangalore in southern India, while Ru... Read More »

Where does Baltic brown granite come from?

Baltic Brown Granite comes from southwestern Finland, from the Wiborg Batholith in southern Kymi Province. It is is used for surfaces such as bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and fireplace su... Read More »