Where does Hershey make its candy?

Answer The Hershey company makes its candy in several cities. The first is Hershey, Pennsylvania, originally a village called Derry Church. As of 2010, Hershey has chocolate factories, in Oakdale, Califor... Read More »

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Who is the Hershey candy bar named after?

The Hershey candy bar and chocolate company are named after the company's founder, Milton S. Hershey. Hershey was born in 1857 in Derry Church, Pennsylvania, later renamed Hershey, Pennsylvania. He... Read More »

What is the size of the wrapper of a miniature Hershey candy bar?

A miniature Hershey candy bar wrapper roughly measures 1.38 inches across and 2.88 inches long. The length of the wrapper overlaps itself when actually wrapped around the small piece of chocolate.S... Read More »

When did Milton Hershey sell his first Hershey chocolate bar?

Milton Hershey and the Hershey Chocolate Company started producing its legendary milk chocolate bar in 1900, according to The company started making Hershey's Kisses in 1907 and creat... Read More »

How old was Milton Snavely Hershey when he invented Hershey chocolate?

Milton Snavely Hershey was 43 years old when he created Hershey chocolate. Hershey developed his chocolate recipe in 1900. He fell in love with chocolate making in 1893 and worked several years to ... Read More »