Who did David Letterman play drums for?

Answer Say: 'estoy muy enojada contigo necesito salir ahora' = 'I am very annoyed/irritated by you, and I have to go now'. Or you could say: 'Por favor, cesa de hablar' = 'Please stop talking'

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What year did David Beckham come to play for the L.A. Galaxy?

English soccer star David Beckham joined Major League Soccer's L.A. Galaxy in 2007. He signed a five-year, $250 million contract with the team. Beckham has also played for Manchester United, Real M... Read More »

Is David Hasselhoff too old to play Michael Knight again?

No- he appeared as him in the pilot for the new Knight Rider TV series.

What football club did David Beckham play for?

The football clubs David Beckham has played for in his soccer career are Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan. He has also played for England's national team.Source:David... Read More »

What classical piece did alica keys play on David Letterman in 2001?