Where does Dasani bottled water come from?

Answer Dasani water, a product of the Coca Cola Company, is bottled using processed water from the municipal water supply of the city where the bottling plant is located. Before bottling, Dasani water is ... Read More »

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Where is Dasani water made?

According to a July 2007 CNN article, Coca-Cola's Dasani-brand water is "made from purified water sourced from public reservoirs (tap water)." Pepsi's Aquafina bottled-water brand also is taken fro... Read More »

Can you freeze dasani water bottles?

Dasani brand water bottles may be frozen and the water consumed safely. While some urban legends suggest that the freezing process releases dangerous toxins from the plastic bottle into the water, ... Read More »

What are Dasani water bottles made from?

The bottle Coca-Cola uses for its Dasani water brand comprises a mixture of petroleum-based materials with up to 30 percent plant-based materials. The bottle, known as the PlantBottle, is 100-perce... Read More »

How is Dasani water cleaned for drinking?

According to Reader's Digest, over 25 percent of bottled water comes from the tap. Although Dasani water is one of those that comes from the tap, it does go through a purification process and adher... Read More »