Where does Danish pastry originate from?

Answer Despite its moniker, the Danish pastry actually originated in Austria as a type of Viennese bread. It was then introduced to Denmark by bakers from Vienna who had relocated, including culinary pion... Read More »

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Bacon sandwich or danish pastry?

What is the difference between short crust pastry, and puff pastry, and which is better for making a pie?

Shortcrust pastry is used as a pie crust. It does not puff up during baking. These are very easy to make at home but sometimes requires a little practice to roll out nicely. think chilled!! butte... Read More »

How to Say Hello in Danish?

Ever wanted to greet a Dane with their own language? Or perhaps you are going to Denmark, and you wish to communicate in their native tongue. Or, you just want to impress your friends! Here are the... Read More »

What could you buy with (...) Danish krone?

i'm danish and i just want to tell you that denmark is a very expensive country but you can whatever you want if you have enough money ;-)with 10 maybe a pack of bubblegumwith 50 a pair of sockswit... Read More »