For what is cream of tartar used?

Answer Cream of tartar hails from the wine industry by collecting and refining sediment in used wine-making barrels once the fermentation process is over. This key ingredient in baking powder begins as a ... Read More »

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Does cream of tartar ever go bad?

Cream of tartar has an unlimited shelf life when stored correctly. As long as the product is stored in a relatively cool, dry, dark area (such as a cupboard or refrigerator), it will last forever.S... Read More »

How to Use Cream of Tartar?

Cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate/potassium hydrogen bitartrate/potassium acid tartrate) is a by-product of the wine-making process. It is obtained from a crystalline acid that deposits on the ... Read More »

What is the origin of cream of tartar?

Cream of tartar (potassium tartrate) dates back to 800 A.D. The modern method of production was developed in 1769. It is procured from the sediment left behind during the wine-making process. Cream... Read More »

What is a cream of tartar substitute?

In recipes calling for cream of tartar, you can substitute 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice for each teaspoon of cream of tartar. However, substituting a wet ingredient for a dry ingredient c... Read More »