How to Trade on Pokemon Using the GTS?

Answer The Global Trade Station, also known as the Global Terminal and the GTS, is a good place to get Pokémon worldwide. But a lot of people do not trade the right way. It is easy once you get the hang ... Read More »

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How to Trade Pokemon on DS?

Game boy colors, not DSsLet's say you see that your best friend has the best pokemon ever, and you want that Pokemon so badly.  What will you do? You will trade! Here's how!

How to Trade Manaphy for Any Pokemon You Want?

Giving Manaphy to the world...The GTS is full of people making silly requests. But via a special and very fun trick, you can acquire rare Pokemon over the GTS and also help the person you're tradin... Read More »

How to Trade Pokemon Cards?

If you play with Pokemon trading cards, it's a great way to get cards you need or want. Here's how to make your trades fair and fun for both sides.

How to Trade Pokemon over Wifi?

Yes... the way to actually complete your pokedex has arrived. With the release of Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum, players are now allowed to trade their Pokemon over WiFi, but they might be w... Read More »