Where do you report illegal music downloading?

Answer Illegally downloading music can be reported on the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) website. On the website, click "Piracy: Online and on the Street," then, near the center of the p... Read More »

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Why is downloading music illegal?

Illegal downloading of music is a violation of copyright laws. The illegal downloading of music denies artists, and those involved in the production of music, payment for their work.DefinitionDown... Read More »

What is illegal in downloading music?

It basically is stealing music without buying it....

Why is music downloading illegal?

Music downloading may occur in a legal manner as long as the person pays for the song or album. Downloading music illegally violates copyright laws meant to protect the rights of musicians and ente... Read More »

Is downloading music on Limewire illegal?

the actual limewire site isn't illegal,but downloading music from it is.any music u get for free is illegal.