Where do you put your memory card adapter in?

Answer If you mean an SD card adapter, you put it in a USB slot, then simply plug the SD card into the adapter. If it is some other memory card (for a gaming console) then an adapter is most likely USB co... Read More »

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Where can you find an adapter that go on the memory card for a canon S1'IS digtial camera?

How do i use a memory card adapter on a pc?

Connect the memory card adapter to any available USB port on your computer. Insert the memory card that you want to use. Click the "Start" buttons in the Windows task bar. Click "Computer" ("My Com... Read More »

SD Memory Card and Adapter?

it uses a micro SD cardthe phone has a tiny slot on the side I think (( that's where it is on my samsung)insert the card in therethe adapter is to use the micro card in a fullsize card slot on the PC

How to Use an SD Adapter As a GameCube Memory Card?

The Nintendo GameCube, much like many other sixth-generation home gaming consoles, depends on memory cards in order to store game save data. Usually, a gamer would use a GameCube memory card to sto... Read More »