Where do you put the towel bar?

Answer On One Hand: Wall PlacementTowel bars are used to hang towels so they dry properly when not in use. Towel bars are typically found in the bathroom, but theoretically could be installed in any room.... Read More »

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Where do you install a towel rack?

48 inches high from the floorAnswer:This height can vary depending on how tall a person is. Generally speaking, a towel rack should be about chest height for a bath towel rack mounted near a shower... Read More »

Where should a towel rack be placed in a bathroom?

Place bath towel racks 48 inches above the floor (36 inches in a child's bathroom). They should be within a few steps of the shower or tub. Place a hand towel rack on a wall next to the sink, high ... Read More »

How to Fold a Towel for a Towel Rack?

Folding a towel is one of many ways to tidy up your bathroom. There are a lot of approaches and styles to folding a towel, but this tutorial is very basic. Follow it to learn a simple yet elegant w... Read More »

How to Use a Hot Towel for Face?

Spa treatments don't have to be expensive---you can experience the serene relaxation of a facial treatment in the comfort of your own home by applying hot towels to your face. Pamper yourself by ad... Read More »