Where do you put the objective part in a resume?

Answer The objective statement on a resume serves as an introduction of sorts and should be placed after the applicant's name and contact information in the header, prior to listing professional experienc... Read More »

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What is a resume objective?

A career objective is a precise statement about the type of employment the job candidate is seeking and her qualifications. An objective is not a mandatory resume component, although some employers... Read More »

How to Write an Objective Resume?

Job seekers need to have a resume or curriculum vitae (C.V.) tailored for each type of position for which they apply. There are resumes that focus on a candidate's education or experience, while ot... Read More »

What Is an Objective in a Job Resume?

When job hunting, an effective resume is one that can change to highlight your objective, or goals, for each job you apply for. A clear objective demonstrates that you have thought about that speci... Read More »

How do I create a good resume objective?

Focus on what you are trying to achieve with this resume, as well as the purpose of the objective statement itself. If you are responding to a job advertisement, you may want to specify the exact j... Read More »