Where do you put screws on a steel roof?

Answer On One Hand: Placing Screws for Residential ApplicationsScrews should be fastened along the crown of the steel roofing sheets, often referred to as the "ribs", according to Tom Main, a sales and in... Read More »

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Can you use stainless steel screws in aluminum?

You can use any type of screw in aluminum. Stainless steel screws provide strength and are much harder than those made of aluminum, but they tend to rust in certain circumstances.Source:Popular Mec... Read More »

Brass Vs. Steel Screws in a Wood Swing?

Constant exposure to the elements must be a consideration when choosing fasteners for an outdoor woodworking project. Some metals will corrode, and create dark streaks and stains on the wood. If th... Read More »

Why do you use stainless steel screws on a cedar fence?

Answer Stainless steel does not corrode like other metals do. Answer because of the tannic acid in cedar and the fact that it will be outdoors stainless steel will resist corrision much better.

Steel vs. Shingle Roof?

Although composite shingles can be attractive and not too expensive, they need replacing and can be easily damaged. Steel roofing material can last a lifetime, but it is often expensive and difficu... Read More »