Where do you place TENS electrodes?

Answer TENS electrodes should never be placed on top of your bones. Instead, place TENS electrodes both above and below the painful area, according to Therapeutic Devices, Inc. Do not use tape, as TENS ... Read More »

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Tens & Ones Place-Value Activities for Second Grade Math?

Place value is an important concept for second-graders to learn. Knowing the place value of numbers, such as ones and tens, is the basis for understanding basic operations including addition and su... Read More »

How to Grind TIG Electrodes?

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding uses a tungsten-based electrode to create an arc that heats metal entering a weld joint. Properly grinding a point on the end of the tungsten stabilizes the arc, gi... Read More »

What are the types of pH electrodes?

Types of pH electrodes include the general purpose electrode, for aqueous solutions; the calomel electrode and the double junction electrode, for organic material and protein solutions; and the tef... Read More »

How to Change ECG Electrodes?

Automaticity is the ability of the heart to depolarize without the intervention of other body systems. This is possible because the heart is controlled by its own electrical system. An electrocardi... Read More »