Where do you look up liens on your home?

Answer Visit your local land records office and the staff will assist you. Any liens against you and your real property must be filed there.

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Where Do You Check for IRS Liens on Property?

Liens are legal claims that give one person the right to the property of another person. The IRS files liens when a person has failed to pay or file income taxes. Liens are public record, and are u... Read More »

Where are IRS tax liens on property filed?

If a taxpayer fails to pay his federal income taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may file a lien, or a claim for funds owed, against his property. In the event the property is sold, the taxp... Read More »

Where do termite inspectors look in home inspections?

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Where can you find out if a property has any liens or judgments?

Answer Check your local courthouse in the tax records. The property will be listed as well as any reference to the property such as where the property is located in the record books. Get the book a... Read More »