Where do you look up liens on your home?

Answer Visit your local land records office and the staff will assist you. Any liens against you and your real property must be filed there.

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Are IRS liens always first?

On One Hand: The IRS Comes FirstThe IRS states in its tax code that at least as of 2010, an IRS tax obligation automatically comes first and is placed in front of all other bills, liens or claims o... Read More »

How many taxpayers have IRS tax liens?

According to the National Taxpayer Advocate's 2009 Report to Congress, there were 965,618 notices of federal tax liens, or NFTLs, filed for fiscal year 2009. This represents an increase of 85 perce... Read More »

Can I Refinance to Pay Off Liens?

If there is sufficient equity to meet a lender's cash-out refinance requirements, you can use loan proceeds to pay off liens. Lenders consider loans used to pay off debts other than mortgage obliga... Read More »

How to Bank With Tax Liens?

A tax lien is something the IRS can place on a bank account that attaches the asset as security to repay part or all of the debt owed in taxes. A notice of intent is usually sent to the person who ... Read More »